Network Security Solutions

AOS delivers industry leading intrusion prevention systems that give you passive and real time monitoring of your network.

Data Protection

Protecting data and reducing your IT risk have never been more important. You need to secure data, whether your people are working from home, a conference room, or a customer’s office. With AOS’ internal and external network security solutions, you can connect, communicate, and conduct business securely while protecting users, information, applications, and the network.

Fire Walls

AOS’ certified Cisco engineers can help your business securely deploy Cisco firewalls for your mission-critical applications and networks. We’ll help enable your business to securely extend your networks across Internet connections to business partners, remote sites, and remote workers.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

Network intruders and attackers can come from outside or inside the network, attacking Internet connections and exploiting network and host vulnerabilities. The network itself must possess the intelligence to instantaneously recognize and mitigate attacks, threats, exploits, worms, and viruses. AOS delivers industry leading intrusion prevention systems that give you passive and real time monitoring of your network.

Authentication & Identification Solutions

As the need for positive user identification and the protection of valuable corporate information has increased, so has the need for an authentication solution that is a strategic, mission-critical component of an organization’s network security infrastructure. AOS provides the most innovative and reliable authentication and identification solutions available today, including authentication software, key fobs, and biometric authentication.

Data Encryption

In response to regulatory pressure and the dramatic rise in risks associated with collecting, analyzing, and sharing sensitive information, organizations have grown concerned about securing the data they exchange with customers, partners, and government agencies, as well as data at rest within their networks. AOS can help you install and implement data encryption software to secure your wireless connections, Virtual Private Network (VPN), or Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

Content and URL Filtering

The Internet is a powerful tool for business, but if its use is not managed correctly, inappropriate, offensive, and illegal content could be just one click away. In addition to expensive liability, inappropriate use of the Internet in the workplace can also cost employers in terms of lost productivity. Filtering and monitoring software can be installed and implemented to protect your organization from inappropriate use of the Internet. AOS’ security experts can analyze your needs to determine which software is right for your organization.