Managed Print Solutions

AOS’ Managed Print Services give you the flexibility to adjust plans as your needs change and to stay current with changing technology.

AOS Managed Print

Organizations today need simple and productive ways to manage their business. AOS offers a unique approach to managing your print devices and supplies and extending the life span of your assets with our Managed Print Services (MPS). From providing your printers, multifunction devices, and supplies…to tracking toner usage and document output…to supporting your applications, we can help manage your print environment through three tiered levels of printer service and support. AOS’ Managed Print Services give you the flexibility to adjust plans as your needs change and to stay current with changing technology. Contact your AOS technology adviser for plan options.

Printer Replacement

If for any reason AOS determines your HP laser printer becomes unserviceable or the cost of a repair exceeds the value of the device, AOS will replace the HP printer with a comparable device at no charge.

Automatic Supply

Automatic Supply Ordering and Shipment AOS’ automatic supply ordering system is designed to relieve you from worrying about running out of copier/printer supplies. Our system automatically monitors your toner usage and emails AOS when toner for your devices are getting low. We will then ship them to you as needed.


  • Complete HP device discovery
  • Implement monitoring/management tools
  • Conduct on-site survey
  • Document device locations
  • Capture meter readings

Performance Improvements

  • Recurring business review every six months
  • Printer replacement
  • Maximize resources and help plan for future growth
  • Make informed decisions on equipment additions

Reporting & Analysis

  • Service call history report
  • Supply orders report
  • Device utilization report
  • List of devices and utilization charts
  • Average monthly copy/print volume
  • Analyze usage, deployment, and overall performance of print environment

Management & Monitoring:

  • Live help desk support
  • On-site service and support from trained and certified technicians
  • On-line access to service call status/history
  • Automatic supply ordering and shipment
  • Proactive network maintenance

Recurring Business Review

Recurring Business Review (RBR) AOS’ Managed Print Services. RBR is a process that provides a proactive collection of information about your copy/print devices through monitoring software and the AOS team. We monitor your copy/print environment and help you efficiently track and manage your device maintenance, toner supplies, and usage patterns. An RBR meeting is conducted every six months to provide you with a detailed executive summary that includes:

  • Service call history
  • Supply order history
  • Device utilization report
  • List of devices and utilization charting
  • Average monthly copy/print volume by device
  • AOS agreement and contract coverage

Help Desk Support

    AOS’ knowledgeable help desk representatives are available Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Help desk support includes:
  • Printing or scanning software-related issues as it applies to the imagers
  • Changes to your network such as: replaced or upgraded workstations and/or servers, or IP address changes, that require reconfiguring your imager(s) on your network for printing
  • New or upgraded end user software